Client: Burt's Bees
Agency: Baldwin&
Account Supervisor: Katharine Belloir
Account Manager: Taylor Yarber
Associate Art Director: Kellyn McGarity
Copywriter: Kayla Epsmam
Art Director: Maari Casey
Executive Producer: Liz Stovall
Production Company: Remedy
Director / DP: Josh Sliffe
Producer/AD: Austin Simmons
Gaffer/Grip: Matt Hedt
Props: Elizabeth Boyette
HMU: Carla White
PA: Jeff Bucker, Olivia Griego Martin
Post Production: Remedy
Photography: Austin Simmons
Music Licensing: MusicBed

Burt’s Bees has always had such an amazing reputation for their lip balm, that when we got the call to help out with promoting their new line of lip sticks, we were pretty excited!  

For this project, our partners over at Baldwin& would be needing us to put together a handful of shareable how-to videos and some supplemental photography to help highlight the wide range of shades that the line would offer.  

At our location, which was a crowded 20’x20’ all-white studio we found in someone’s backyard, we designed two different sets (one for photography, one for video) that we would be running in tandem, back to back.  With the three models, we’d be running them each through a setup before transitioning to the next and working through our list of stills to capture during their off-time.

For reasons outside of our control, the lip stick shades didn’t apply to the lips in a way that accurately represented the color Burt’s Bees had intended for them to be. This meant we had no choice but to “fix it in post”.  The problem with that was, it wasn’t as easy as having a color’s hex # to correct to.  

As we’d come to find out, a color on screen would look one way, but when applied to skin in a lit world, it would change and feel a lot different.  On top of that, Burt’s had a sort of intention behind the colors, how they related to each other, and how they would emote once applied that had to bear on the fine-tuning.  


So to start the correction process, we had an arm of neutral tone that we drew the shades onto in order to have a consistent baseline to work from.  We then calibrated the surrounding light to bring the color into the right tone so that each of the colors would be equally adjusted. From there, we ended up tracking out each of the 20+ shots of lips, with all their movement and smiles, and applied a correction that would get the on-screen lips to match the colors we were going for.

In the end, everyone was super happy with the results and our ability to make a hectic day feel fun and relaxed, and of course in the end making some saving changes in post to get the project to the finish line!