Video Director

You are extremely immersed within the world of video, constantly keeping up with what other industry leaders are doing in the space, and are always making it a point to learn new techniques and skills that make you a better filmmaker. You have a lot of experience with overseeing projects in both the documentary and commercial space, and have a range of skills and expertise across all legs of production, including (but not limited to) directing, shooting, lighting/composition, and editing. You are the type of person that after they do something once, the next time around you try to think of how to approach it a little differently to improve and keep things fresh. Although you are highly creative, you also don’t mind the thought of having to interface with clients and work through solutions that accomodate the needs of the client.

As a video director, you will be responsible for the high level creative direction/vision surrounding a good number of the projects we take on throughout the year. Prior to jobs being awarded, you’ll work closely with one of our producers to put together creative treatments and bids. Once projects are greenlit, you’ll be heavily involved in putting together a plan of execution to ensure we walk away from a shoot with what need. For larger jobs that require bringing in outside contractors, you’ll work closely with department heads on/off set to make sure everyone is aligned and on the same page creatively. On the post-production side of things, you’ll often be heavily involved with the actual editing itself, or in some cases may just oversee the the process and manage other editors.


  • 5+ years of experience in the video/film industry

  • Wide range of skills in the directing, shooting, and editing

  • Proficiency across a variety of camera systems

  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve

  • A team player who is highly collaborative

  • Someone who is teachable, and open to new challenges and opportunities

  • Ability to balance true creativity, the needs of the business, and what is best for our clients

Day to Day

  • Work collaboratively with our team to make sure we are doing our part in pushing the creative on all of the projects we have on our plate.

  • Take ownership/pride in the work you have on your plate, always striving to push things to be the best they can be.

  • Develop treatments/bids for work we’re asked to pitch

  • Work closely with our producers to make sure we’re following through on what we’ve committed to, while at the same time making sure realistic expectations are being set.

  • Take on large responsibilities for given projects and ultimately be responsible for the success and failure of each of the projects on your plate.

  • Regularly take initiative to do things that may not even be asked

  • Open to everyday being a little different.


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