Client: Coastal Credit Union
Agency: Trailblazer Studios
Agency Producer: Bob Nastasi

Production Company: Remedy
Director: Josh Sliffe
AD/Producer: Austin Simmons

Dir. of Photography: Rob Russell
1st AC: Gray McClamrock
2nd AC: Shorty Swanson
Dolly Grip: Zach Bennett
Gaffer: Brian DeContreras
Key Grip: Matt Hedt
Grip: Ethan Messina

Wardrobe/Props: Dear Hearts
Hair/Makeup: Elaine Harrison
Prod. Coordinator: Nikki Kenney, Olivia Martin
PA: Jeff Bucker, Paul Kilpatrick

Post-Production: Trailblazer Studio

The version above is the Director's cut which Remedy
edited, screen-replaced, colored, scored, and recorded VO for.

Remedy was called in by Trailblazer Studios to produce a pair of TV spots to show off Coastal Credit Union as the smarter alternative to the big banks.  

Anytime we get called in for a project, things always tend to look a little different.  The agency or client could be looking for fresh ideas from us, they might be wanting some input to help shape their idea, or the creative could be fully developed and just needing us to execute. For this project, the first draft of scripts were already written and we ended up working alongside the writer for a couple of weeks to help shape the ideas closer towards the goal. We really do enjoy being able to help on a project as much as possible, so the earlier it is in the process, the more fun we have!

One challenge that we faced early on in pre-production was from a request that we save some money and logistical headache on locations by filming both spots in the same location.  The difficulty with that was that one of the spots was to be set in a coffee shop, while the other in a restaurant.  We knew we could make it happen though. We scouted a bunch of locations looking for different looking opposing walls that would lend towards the contrast.  From there we would build out the two scenes and make them look different enough through set design.  In the end we were lucky to find Brewery Bhavana, a location that had recently opened and was designed into three distinct sections– bar, book store, restaurant.  You can see the two different looks above.

The day went like clockwork.  

We finished the first spot before lunch and started on the second directly following.  We got lots of feedback that it was one of the smoothest, calmest days of production people had experienced in a long time.  When you hear that kind of feedback in addition to the client being thrilled with the image and performances on set, it means all the hard work of pre-production paid off.

Lighting Plot for one of the two spots, "777"