Client: Crossrope
Production Company: Remedy
Director / DP: Josh Sliffe
AD / Producer: Austin Simmons
Production Coordinator: Nikki Kenney
Gaffer / Grip: Brian DeContreras
HMU: Elaine Harrison
Production Assistant: Paul Kilpatrick

Photography: Austin Simmons
Post Production: Remedy
Music Licensing: MusicBed

Jump ropes are great. Work out with them, have fun, whatever.  But now, there's Crossrope. Buhboom! The jump rope with swappable handles and multiple interchangeable rope weights. Now, the bodybuilder isn't jumping around with glorified yarn and the endurance athlete isn't swinging around 3" thick dock rope! 

Such a simple product and a pretty modern looking brand tied to it.  The challenge was to make a simple piece to match that was stylish, grabbed people's attention, and made them feel good. And also, of course, for them to leave wanting one!

We storyboarded out an idea for a more photographic style to really push the branding and colors, making it easier for the assets to fold into their website and marketing campaigns. We used their colors as a backsplash in different combinations through 10'x10' interchangeable walls. We lit the space in a bit more of a dramatic, fashion-esc way to get a range out of each color and to help things pop.  Anything we could do to highlight the different people using the jump ropes and the different styles and features available. 

In conjunction with the video production, we included time to capture photography as well.  It seems this is something we do more and more with each project we're on, not only producing the video but making sure the client walks away with a stack of photos to use as well!  These assets were featured on all of the different social media channels, the company's website, and have been the backbone of their marketing efforts since!