Client: Crossrope
Agency: Laut Design
Production Company: Remedy
Director/DP: Allen Baker
Co-Director: Josh Sliffe
Producer/1st AD: Austin Simmons
Gaffer: Brian DeContreras
Grip: Ethan Messina
Set Design: Ashley Hutchinson
HMU: Deidra Mattingly
Wardrobe: Nikki Kenney
Photography: Trevor Wentt
Post Production: Remedy
Edit & Color: Allen Baker

For our most recent work with Crossrope, we wanted to give viewers a true to life look into the new jump rope experience. 

After coming up with a few different ideas for this season’s campaign, we ended up going with the idea to focus the piece on three of the most common Crossrope users; someone who travels and wants the ability to work out on the go, someone working out from home, and someone who likes working out with friends, groups, or classes. Decidedly a businessman, mother, and young adult. We would create a few different video assets and cut-downs as well as capturing a significant amount of product+lifestyle photography along the way.

Once we settled on the idea and characters, we teased out a few correlating ideas that fit the character’s theme and helped establish them; ie. mother reading to child, businessman arriving at hotel, young adult getting ready for the day. With not a lot of time and a small crew, we kept all locations local to Raleigh to be able to squeeze in as much as we could for the day and a half of production.

The videos and photography that came out of this campaign were a big hit with the customer base, helped the brand set themselves apart from the competition, and according to the client was “next-level”.

Examples of Lighting Plots: