VIDEO editor

Remedy is looking to hire an experienced editor to join our team. At this point, we work on all of the things; commercials, corporate stuff, music videos, and whatever else there is. We’re looking for someone who can be highly creative, but also highly technical, as each project we take on requires a different approach. We’re a small team by choice, but we work hard and fast so it’ll be important that whoever joins our team fits in well and is super talented.

Mastery-level skills in Adobe Premiere required. Skills in After Effects, Photoshop, and Resolve are preferred as well. A great sense of timing, pacing, and ability to adapt music to a piece. Exceptional storytelling abilities. Self-motivated and able to keep projects moving along. Able to adapt as creative assignments change and evolve, while maintaining quality. Must be able to work under either strict direction or little direction. Should exhibit grace under pressure, great people skills and utmost integrity. Knowledge and experience of the finishing process. High level understanding of codecs, raw video files, exporting, transcoding and compression techniques. Organized, dependable, knowledgable and detail oriented. Strong attention to detail and accuracy. You consider yourself a learner who is always looking to improve. Regardless of the project, we’re looking for someone who will always try to push the creative and make a project better. Someone who knows how to take direction but also can bring some ideas to the table as well.

As a part of Remedy, your main job will be everything Post-Production. So loading in footage we’ve shot, setting up projects, labeling footage, creating proxies, editing, incorporating into revisions, color grading, sound mixing, all the way to final delivery. So yea, basically everything post. If you’re wanting a place to grow and continue your career as a talented editor, we’d love for Remedy to be where you do that!


  • Competitive Salary

  • Unlimited Time-off

  • New Friends


  • At least three years of relevant experience

  • Mastery-level skills in Adobe Premiere.

  • Standouts will have experience with After Effects, Photoshop, and Resolve.


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