Client: FilterEasy
Production Company: Remedy
Director/DP: Josh Sliffe
1st AD / Producer: Austin Simmons
Camera Operator: Allen Baker
Gaffer: Jason Summers
Sound Recordist - Brooks Lester
Props - Ashley Hutchinson & Proptarts
Wardrobe/Styling - Dear Hearts
HMU - Deidre Mattingly
PA - Beau Scheier
Post Production: Remedy
Female host - Nina Ruffini
Male co-host - Philly Plowden

Remedy teamed up with FilterEasy for an 80’s inspired series of ads. 

For most projects we’re on, we’re working alongside agencies who provide the creative and sort of guide the whole process.  Other times, we work directly with the client and either provide the creative ourselves or help shape something they’ve got.  Between the two, it’s hard to say which we prefer.  In a season of a lot of agency work, it’s nice working directly with the clients and completely owning the creative.  In a season of client work, it’s nice teaming up with agencies and focusing on the craft.  Both have their draws.

This project was ultimately a headrush.  We worked alongside with the client through multiple ideas and iterations for weeks to finally land on this 80’s talk show theme.  There would be 5 different spots, each with a unique script and wardrobe.  By the time we got the green light on a Monday afternoon, we only had 3 days to prep, find location, talent, props, crew, etc before we shot on that Friday.  On top of that, we’d only have 3 days to edit following the shoot before sending the first draft of the 5 spots to client.  As far as process goes, this was definitely a “gone with the wind in the morning, fast and furious in the afternoon”. 

Anytime we look back at our work, there are always things we see that we wish we could change. All in all though, we were able to give the client exactly what they were wanting and ultimately led to them continuing the campaign for future videos.  So, not bad.