Client: Krispy Kreme
Agency: Baldwin&
Production Company: Remedy

Director: Josh Sliffe
DP: Rob Russell
Producer: Austin Simmons
Gaffer: Brian DeContreras
1st AC: Gray McClamrock
Grip: Ethan Messina
Production Coordinator: Nikki Kenney
Food Stylist: Lani Paul
PA: Robin Simmons

Post Production: Remedy

There are two things everyone thinks of when they hear Krispy Kreme, the doughnuts and and the glazer! As a part of the year's holiday promotion, Remedy partnered with Krispy Kreme to get people excited about coming in for a limited release box of their new gingerbread doughnuts!

The creative was clever and clear. Gingerbread men would ride down a lazy river on top of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, through a glaze waterfall, and turn into glazed gingerbread doughnuts on the other side.  That's it! So our approach was simple. Get the must have shots and build in some time to get some details and variation in angles.

The gingerbread men would all have slightly different postures and expressions, so featuring those would be important for the piece to be fun. We didn't know how yet, but we knew the music and any sound effects would have a big job of elevating the piece as well, since there wouldn't be a ton going on or any spoken word.

For their sense of place, we went with a less real-life situation and had them seem more as if they were in a winter wonderland, surrounded by a universe of white.  To achieve that AND to make sure the food looked good we lit everything in a very food-friendly way, with a nice big soft source.  The biggest hurdle for lights was getting all of the reflective stainless steel to look good!


A lot of work was done in post to get the doughnuts to show up as the right color, remove any blemishes and mistakes left on the gingerbread men, and to make the waterfall look tasty and not janky!  There was also a little masking involved to get the gingerbread men to come through the waterfall and magically turn into glazed gingerbread doughnuts.  Nothing too serious though!