Mullen - NCEL Keno Project

Thanks for considering us for this upcoming project. We've spent some time compiling a small sample of work that we feel represents certain aspects of your NCEL Keno concept—hopefully these samples are helpful. Look forward to connecting with you all to discuss further!


Director's Reel

Here is a Director's reel. 99% of the projects included in this reel were also produced, DPd, and edited by our team as well. 

Sonny's BBQ - TV Spot

We recently wrapped up an exciting spot for Sonny's BBQ. This project has not aired yet and is not currently online, but we wanted to include it as we believe it relates to your current concept that is based inside a restaurant. 


FilterEasy - TV Spot

Here is another spot we wrapped recently that will be airing in the coming weeks for a Air Filter Company called FilterEasy. While the concept and shooting style itself is different than your Keno concept, we wanted to include it, as we believe it does show a how are team is able to pull off a more involved set decoration and styling.