Client: Prism Supply
Production Company: Remedy
Directors: Josh Sliffe and Allen Baker
Producer: Austin Simmons
Cinematographer: Rob Russell
Gaffer: Jim Cote
Grip: Walker Anderson
1st AC: Gray McClammrock
2nd AC: Trevor Jackson
Sound Recordist: Josh Dorsett
Aerial Cinematography: Dominic Sansotta & Zach Burkhart
Production Assistant: Pete Norton
Post Production: Remedy
Editors: Josh Sliffe and Allen Baker

“If you’re gonna ride it, you better know how to work on it.” 

Founded by Hindes brothers Jake and Zach, Prism Supply is a bike shop out of Charlotte, NC making custom bikes, parts, and accessories. We met them through Rob Russell, who’d worked on some short films for them in the past and had asked us to step in and see where we could take things for their latest film.

We started out hearing from them on all the best spots they enjoy riding through or hanging out at and from there, dreamed up the rest – anything that looked unique or that seemed like it would be great to have bikes at. The hope was to not be stuck with just a bunch of bike riding shots going through very North Carolina looking locations. We were trying to land on as much variety of actions, textures, and palettes as we could all while still living in a very rural southern sort of tone.

Once we had what we felt like were great locations, we set up some basic parameters to the scenes and some guidance for actions to then let the non-actors feel comfortable being themselves in – just encouraging them in the things that we liked and steering them away from things that didn’t work so well.

It all had to be shot in 2 days so we had to play heavily into available light and coordinating when we’d be at each location to maximize where the sun would be at each. Some things we thought would be great didn’t work as well, while other things we had in as filler turned out crucial – as it goes. The whole production relied heavily on everyone involved pushing hard all the way to the end and it turned out to be a big success.