Senior Producer

Remedy is looking to hire a producer to join our team! At this point, we work on all of the things; commercials, corporate stuff, music videos, and whatever else there is. We’re a small team by choice, but we work hard and fast so it’ll be important that whoever joins our team fits in well and is super talented.

A strong candidate will have lots of experience producing big projects with many moving parts. You’ll be able to anticipate problems before anyone else does, and have skills in managing crazy clients and their oftentimes overwhelming expectations! Ideally you have experience in the whole process, pre-pro all the way to final delivery. You’ll manage budgets & schedules, lead out conference calls, hire crew, oversee casting, etc. No big deal, right?!

As a part of Remedy, you’ll wear a number of different hats on the projects we take on throughout the year. Some projects you’ll be the only producer on, while other times someone else on our team will either help out or lead out. Regardless of the project, if you’re wanting a place to grow and continue your career as a talented producer, we’d love for Remedy to be where you do that!


  • Competitive Salary

  • Unlimited Time-off

  • A desk, maybe

  • Each week looks a little different

  • Yearly subscription to a Jelly of the Month Club


  • You’ve done this for at least 5 years

  • You’ve got skills all across the board

  • Plenty of experience on set.

  • People like you. (and even remember you most of the time)

  • Team player and teachable


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