Client: Republic Wireless
Director of Marketing: Rachel Weeks
Brand Engagement Director: AJ McDonald
Creative Director: Ben Harris
Copywriter: Brittain Peck

Production Company: Remedy
Cinematographer: Josh Sliffe
Producer: Austin Simmons
Art Director: Alexandra Petre
Gaffer: Matt Moore
Production Assistant: Lindsey Wachter

Post Production: Remedy

Hoping to resolve the unfairness in today's cellular industry, Republic Wireless has devised a plan to pay customers back, penny for penny, for any unused cellular data they don't use each month.

We always jump at any opportunity we get when it means working with brands that have a powerful message.  So when we were approached by the Republic Wireless team, we knew we were in for a treat. The main thing that stood out to us was their commitment to their customers—like designing tools and resources that help their customers use less data and ultimately spend less money on their plans. That may seem counterintuitive for a cellular company, but is just one of many ways these guys are changing the industry.

We were charged with taking their innovative concept of "Payback" and translating it into a campaign that explored what it would look like if the world paid you back for the things you didn't use. We had an incredible time collaborating with their entire team to come up with scenarios that communicated this revolutionary idea.

"We only pay for the exact amount of gas, electricity, heating oil and water we use. We don’t pay the supermarket $1,000 a month upfront for groceries and lose out if you only bought $580 worth of food. But that’s exactly how the Big Four ‪‎cell phone‬ companies operate."

—Valley City News