Agency: French West Vaughan
Creative Directors: Dawn Marie Strzepek, Wendy McCarthy
Account Supervisor: Alex Ellis
Production Company: Remedy
Director(s): Josh Sliffe, Austin Simmons
Director or Photography: Josh Sliffe
Producer: Austin Simmons
Aerial Photography: Jason Arthurs
Camera Operator: Josh Sliffe, Austin Simmons, Matt Carter
Post Production: Remedy
Additional Editor: Matt Carter
Music licensing: Music Bed

We had the pleasure of working with the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau to create a series of content for their 2015 campaign, Rooted in Raleigh.

The entire concept focused around a few people in the city, who, despite their many different backgrounds and professions, were all united by their love of the city and an excitement for visitors to experience the place for themselves. By telling the story of Raleigh through these individual perspectives, we were able to give visitors a unique look into the culture and personality of Raleigh.

Our goal with each of these pieces was to capture the honest excitement each of the subjects possess for Raleigh, along with highlighting a few destinations the visitor can participate in while visiting the city. All footage was shot over the course of a couple months in order to include the widest diversity of attractions.

A special thanks to Sally Edwards, Holly Aiken, Linda Dallas, Ashley Christensen, Joel Graybeal, and William Lewis for making these pieces come to life.


Museums are a very important part of Raleigh's commitment to educating their visitors. We chose to highlight one of the city's most visited, Marbles Kids Museum, in hopes of showing visitors an experience that is suitable for the entire family.


With a huge population of local artisans and makers, Raleigh offers visitors many unique shopping experiences. Holly Aiken is just one of the many creative entrepreneurs who open their doors to thousands of visitors each year.


Simply put—Raleigh places a high level of value on Art, and how it integrates into the experience of the city. As a visitor, you'll benefit from artists like Linda Dallas, who wakes up every day making the city better through the arts.

Food & Dining

In recent years, Raleigh has received lots of attention for their ever-growing food scene. Ashley Christensen, a James Beard award recipient, is one of the many sought after chefs who contribute to dining experience of Raleigh.


The city's capital is home to many collegiate and professional sports teams, along with more personal experiences that visitors can participate in, such as spending the day at Triangle Rock Club, who welcomes thousands of visitors each year.


Each year, dozens of large concerts and festivals choose Raleigh as a destination, as it proves to be a unique venue for musicians and bands of all sizes. Pinecone is one of the key organizations that is responsible for making the music scene great.