Client: RSM
Agency: LGA
VP/Group Creative Director: Jennifer Jones
Group Creative Director: Jon Cain
Creative Director / Copywriter: Margaret Bond
Account Director: Sarah Floyd
Account Coordinator: Casey Thomas
Production Company: Remedy
Director: Josh Sliffe
Producer/AD: Austin Simmons
DP: Allen Baker
Gaffer: Matt Hedt
Grip: Brian De Contreras
Sound Recordist: Josh Duncan
HMU: Deidre Mattingly
PA: Joshua Komer
Post Production: Remedy
Editors: Josh Sliffe, Allen Baker
Illustration / Animation: Dash

Remedy recently produced a video series for RSM, featuring the unique perspectives and backgrounds of a few of the people who work within their organization. No actors, no scripts – Just real stories told by real people.  

For each of the stories, we filmed interviews of the employees talking through their life experiences in a studio environment. We then took those interviews and incorporated animations illustrating what they’re sharing alongside them. We also incorporated a few hero type shots of them and other employees to help drive home the picture of RSM being a place where each employee brings these unique experiences to bear on their work. This was RSM’s second time doing this specific campaign so we worked hard to replicate the visual style and tone previously established.

It’s always a lot of fun when we work with real people who aren’t used to being in front of the camera. To make sure the employees felt as comfortable as possible come shoot day, we scheduled an initial phone call as well as a skype video session with them to help us all get to know each other. In addition to establishing a relationship with the employee, these conversations helped us build out storylines and know how to steer them each in unique directions.

Leading up to the shoot, we’ll work closely with LGA to hone in even deeper into the aesthetic and goals that have been established to become more of one mind to best articulate that into the end result. Once a preliminary group of possible subjects have been sourced by client/agency, we’ll work with LGA to filter these selects down to a finer sample size based on pre-interviews. Once final selections are made, our team will work to develop story outlines for each of the subjects to help guide our interviews in the studio. Of course, we won’t be able to anticipate every response we’ll get, but these outlines will help everyone feel aligned at the types of responses we’re hoping for.

Following the shoot, we had a pretty good idea for how each of these stories needed to go, so we were able to get the edits turned around fairly quickly. From there we got the illustrators and animators to work on designing, laying out, and animating the illustration components. We knew we’d need a bit more time allotted to this stage of the process as this campaign had a pretty unique visual box it was working within.

Once we were all happy with where we landed, we composited the animations into the scenes and finished things up with color & sound design.