Client: Scivation
Written by: Tim Cheek, Josh Sliffe
Production Company: Remedy
Director: Josh Sliffe
Producer: Austin Simmons
DP: Rob Russell
Gaffer / Grip: Brian De Contreras
Sound Recordist: Jeremy Childers
Styling/Wardrobe: Dear Hearts
Production Assistants:
Jeff Buckner, Sean Rogers
Post Production: Remedy
Music Licensing: Music Bed

The first thing you should know is we are not bodybuilders, nor are we ever mistaken as them. We also aren’t crushing protein shakes in the early afternoon before our third workout.  So when we were approached by the supplement company Scivation—we weren’t convinced that we were the best match. After talking with them, it turns out they are super cool and really open to some crazy ideas. That was all we needed.

Our team worked on writing a handful of different concepts for a 30 second spot centering around their new pre-workout drink, Quake. All of the ideas made efforts to poke fun at the customer or to laugh with them at some of their quirky habits and intensity in life.  There was an earthquake and car-lifting in one, a couple of old ladies and tree snapping in another, one that mocked romantic movie scenes, and another with a shape-shifting magician. I mean these ideas were all over the place, but they all had an element of how Quake transforms people’s potential and how problems can be solved the bodybuilder way.

Once we had the bar room arm-wrestling match idea approved, we had a ton of fun working on the different character’s looks, selecting talent, and wardrobe. Finding the right racer-back, cut-off hoodie to emulate Aragorn in LOTR was very crucial. Because it’s set in a bar, we were able to get dirty with a lot of different colored lights going in different directions. We knew we wanted the look to be relatively high saturation and high contrast to show off their sweaty, blood boiling competition. We also knew that because of all that had to happen in 30 seconds, we had to have super fast delivery on everything.

It was a really fun day on set and the talent and crew were all a lot of fun to work with. We were proud to hear the client decided to take our character of Tex and carry him over into their social media channels and to give him his own instagram account to show what he’s doing throughout daily life as well. We thought the video turned out great and are excited to continue the series with the next idea!