Agency: Mckinney
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Creative Director: Owen Tingle
Assoc. Creative Director: Jordan Eakin
Producer: Nick Brenton
Writer(s): Dylan Meagher & David Sloan
Art Director: Alex Nassour

Production Company: Remedy
Director(s): Josh Sliffe & Austin Simmons
Producer: Austin Simmons
Director of Photography: Josh Sliffe
Gaffer: Matt Hedt
Production Assistant: Tim Cheek
Cast: Dylan Cooper & Megan Canjar

Post Production: Remedy
Lead Edit: Josh Sliffe
Color: Josh Sliffe

Remedy teamed up with Mckinney to shoot a promo for their recent Valentine’s Day campaign, ShredyourEx. The project brought some humor to a holiday that often neglects singles.

During the week leading up to Valentine’s day, users could post a picture of their Ex to Instagram or Twitter and watch a live feed of their photo printing directly into a paper shredder above a digital fire. And if that wasn’t enough—all the paper shreds were donated to a local animal shelter, Paws4Ever, and used as litter for recently spayed and neutered kittens recovering from surgery.

We were charged with bringing Mckinney’s concept to life, "walking the viewer through an exaggerated scenario of a man recalling his relationship with a woman who devolved quickly from doting lover to violent, restraining-order-violating stalker."

It was a very exciting project for our team—one that came together rather quickly after only being approached 2 weeks before the piece needed to be shot. It was neat to see how time, despite not being on our side, ultimately helped focus our attention to make big decisions that led to positive outcomes in the final spot.

The film was featured on Creativity Online, the Huffington Post, Funny Or Die, and Reddit, to name a few.

“Valentine’s Day is, as we all know, no fun for the broken-hearted.
Or indeed those still raging at an ex.”

—Creativity Online