Client: Sonny's BBQ
Agency: Push
Production Company: Remedy
Director: Josh Sliffe
Director of Photography: Rob Russell
1st AD / Producer: Austin Simmons
Gaffer: Brian DeContreras
Grip: Matthew Krieg
Production Coordinator: Nikki Kenney
Post Production: Remedy

In the land of food, BBQ is king. And when it comes to BBQ, Sonny’s has got it goin’ on. 

This was a pretty fun one for us.  Good creative, good BBQ, and some pretty parts of Florida.  Nothin wrong with that. 

The goal here was to capture images that made you feel like you were right there; around a table outside with your closest friends, across the table from a kid inhaling some saucy ribs, or part of the celebrating team. Nothin too shiny or polished—the real thing. 

We had two days to scout and shoot, coming up with a bunch of different setups in a short amount of time with few resources.  Because of the tight budget, we were recycling talent often and finding ways to make the same location look like somewhere totally different for additional scenes.  Just in case, we also ended up swinging by one of their locations during some down time and paid for anyone's dinner who would let us steal some shots of them. Go big.