Client: SuNica
Production Company: Remedy

Director(s): Josh Sliffe, Austin Simmons
Filmed and Edited by: Remedy

Music Licensing: Music Bed

There are 15 shallow water wells existing in El Porvenir. However, it is common for these wells to dry up in the dry season, producing at most, a slow trickle.

Even when flowing, contamination is present, leading to a host of health problems for the community. The worst of which is the dreaded Chronic Kidney Disease, already affecting most men working in local sugar cane plantations. In early 2015, the non-profit SuNica approached us to help promote their crowd-funding campaign “Turn on the Water”.  After hearing from them about their project and goals, we worked to create a narrative around the small town of El Porvenir, Nicaragua, which the project was focused around.  We spent a few days with the people living there, capturing their stories, to shed light on the need for access to clean water in the community.

"Turn on the Water" is SuNica's response to this water problem in El Porvenir. Their campaign exists to raise enough funds to install a clean water system to provide abundant clean drinking water for all 110 families in the community. To support this incredible cause, head over to