Production Company: Remedy
Director: Josh Sliffe
Camera Operators: Allen Baker, Josh Sliffe

This project was a simple collaboration between us and the band Wye Oak.

They knew they wanted to film some takes of them performing a few of their songs in the woods somewhere in the evening. We didn’t have budget for lights or any additional gear or crew so we planned on throwing up a black solid on one side and a bounce on the other to try and get at least a little bit of light and contrast on the band. Not sure how much that actually came through with the low light and tree canopy coverage for the second and third songs we filmed, but it helped us create an interesting feel for the first song, “It Was Not Natural”.

For this song, we used the lyrics and vibe of the song to push a prettier and more unnatural look to help it stand out. We raised up a tall 12’x12’ on high stands to kill the sun’s light into their faces and let the sun shine over it into a 12’x12’ silver lamé to push as much light back into the band as possible, but from the reverse side. So basically the effect being that the sun is coming from one direction in the background but another in the foreground, making for a pretty weird, unnatural look. We kept the light from the bounce as close to them as possible to help the light be as soft as possible as well, making for a sort of beauty look to it.