Director: Josh Sliffe
Producer: Austin Simmons
Camera Operator: Allen Baker, Mark Kammel, Caleb Childers
Production Assistant: Nikki Kenney

Post Production: Josh Sliffe

Remedy produced a concert film to be broadcasted live for the band Wye Oak.

Live concerts are a lot of fun to film. You get one shot at it. You’re in the moment, trying to recreate the vibe with a few cameras as much as you can, bringing the viewer right into the room. That was the case with this one with one added component. The feed would also be broadcasted live on facebook. With some short notice, a few choice lenses and cameras, and our multi-cam live switching rig, we had what we needed. And once the night was over, a few of the songs were re-cut for use on social media channels. Not more much to it than that!