At a high level, Remedy oversees and is responsible for the entire process of producing our client’s videos; everything from concept development, logistics, location scouting, and on-set production to finally the editing, color grading, sound mixing, and delivery.

A crucial part of our process is the collaboration and
atmosphere we work to foster with our clients.
We consider ourselves your partners every step of the way.



Sometimes we're working with agencies who have a great idea locked and ready, other times we're working with non-profits or inventors who have a message or product they're looking to get out into the world. In the case of the latter, we spend time getting to know your brand and your goals, as well as what's worked well in the past and what things should be avoided. From there we typically present a few concepts, ideas, or directions to go in and work to hone in your favorite one before anything get's rolling. Once we're all feeling good about the plan, we're ready to get to work!



Once a concept is locked in and a project is green-lit, we get to work on pre-production – or everything that happens leading up to a shoot.  This is where we’re presenting talent, wardrobe, prop, and location options after initial sourcing, scouting, and casting has taken place. It’s also when we’re ironing out schedules, shot-listing and storyboarding (sometimes), having check-in meetings, and on certain projects conducting pre-interviews.  Basically the whole point of this phase of the process is to make sure (1.) every detail is planned, spelled out, and agreed on, (2.) each creative decision has been made from a variety of great options, and (3.) everyone is on the same page, in the know, and feels great about each aspect of the project.




At a high level, Remedy will oversee and be responsible for the entire execution of the project; everything from casting, art direction, logistics, and on-set production to finally the delivery of all assets. This doesn’t mean we’ll be operating in a vacuum though. In fact, a crucial part of this is the collaboration and team atmosphere we’ll work to foster. We’d consider ourselves your partners through every step of this project.

When a project is green-lit, we consider ourselves “always on”. Anytime a question or need pops up, we’re there. Along the way, we pride ourselves in our ability to organize troves of information, assets, and steps into clear and structured systems and processes. When it comes to creative decisions, we cut off our toes a long time ago so you don’t have to worry about stepping on them. We love having others at the monitor with us and sending a plethora of options beforehand to keep everything clear, on brand, and to the point.



We work hard to make sure the edit process is painless. Remedy not only edits all of our own projects, but has also served as turnkey post-production for clients like Samsung, IBM, ESPN, Converse, Timberland and more. We pride ourselves in our collaborative “no bad ideas” approach as well as the level of creativity and speed we employ on every project.

We use a revision platform that provides private review links that you can distribute to stakeholders, giving the ability to comment at specific timecodes for precise feedback and have a single place you can always go to to see up to date progress. For projects with interviews, we transcribe all spoken dialogue directly following production and provide links for anyone who’d like to read while listening along or search for where key terms were said for quick inclusion into the edit. We also have ongoing access to the industry’s top cinematic stock footage as well as music and sound design libraries for use in each project as well.

At the close of each project we provide online access as well as a hard drive that will contain all video clips, graphic files, music and sound design files, as well as all Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and After Effects project files should you need to make any changes down the road!



"I love working with the team at Remedy. They always go above and beyond to create incredible work. The thought, dedication and talent they bring to every project really makes a big difference."

Maraget Bond

"Our company has hired Remedy several times and we've always been pleased with them. They're professional, communicative, and they meet their deadlines. And most importantly, they do top notch work."

Anne Jordan

"Remedy takes scatterbrained bullet points and ideas and brings them to life. The last project they worked on us "gave The Avengers vibes." Our company greatly appreciates Austin's and Allen's hard work, creativity, flexibility, and professionalism. They deliver exceptional product, even with tight deadlines. I would highly recommend them!"

Abby Salazar

My company partnered with Remedy to help concept, shoot, and edit an anthem video and short video advertisements for our client in the education space within NC. Our project timeline was tight, but they couldn’t have been more professional, creative, fun, swift, and organized during our partnership. We loved working with this team and the talent they have individually and collectively is hard to come by. Great people that produce great products!

Erin McNally

"The entire process was professionally orchestrated, managed and choreographed. The final product exceeded our expectations and played a leading role in our success. Remedy is the “real deal” when it comes to video content bringing a product to life."

Jim Cooper

Remedy was a lifesaver. My nonprofit held a conference in Durham and we hired them to film the day and several interviews. The final product was polished, professional and entertaining. They were quick with responses to our edits, and brought creativity in a million small ways. They were also a fun team and great to work with.

Ben Wroble