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Our 4th commercial produced with our friends at Frontgate and one they saw really great results with! Celebrating the fun of spending time with friends during the fall season both inside and outside, we had a blast!

Each time we work with Frontgate we start out by talking through the list of products they’re needing to feature that season. From there we work through available locations in the city we’re needing to shoot in to find homes that pair best with the product line, and hopefully require the least amount of heavy lifting as possible!

A big part of the process though is us presenting a dozen or so widely varying concepts that span demographics, themes, genres, and styles. We try to make sure each time we come at a commercial campaign with them we’re hitting the top goals that are important for everything we do, while trying to hit on some different minor goals along the way – speaking to different slices of their audience or trying out different genres to see if we can beat past analytics!


The Frontgate team honed in on a few concepts and this was one of two we produced this go around. We showed up to the location site unseen (other than scout photos) and got to work pulling out the homeowner’s furniture and the team moved the Frontgate product into place. We made good use of time by starting out filming in the smaller entryway, so we could be shooting while they were finishing up with the set dressing in the rest of the larger spaces. By the time we were done with those entryway scenes, the rest of the house was ready!

The shoot day was full of storms mixed with sunshine and then clouds again so we made sure to have a big bright HMI pumping through the windows to keep some lighting continuity throughout our day. In the end, the spot was a big success and the whole team at Frontgate loved it. Success!