Happy + Hale


Prod. Company
Austin Simmons

Providing fresh, nutritious, and delicious fuel for the community, Happy + Hale creates simple access to the most wholesome juices and salads for their community to be healthy, confident, and happy.

Some of the most passionate, driven individuals we’ve come by. They have a simple goal — create a restaurant and culture where people can eat to fuel, eat to live, and eat to be extraordinary! They do all the grunt work, find all the ingredients, and even deliver their juices and salads right to your desk. When we heard of their new restaurant concept, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of what they are doing. From organizing yoga right outside their windows, dancing in the store with guests, and handing out free flowers and hugs to lift up your spirits, these guys are clearly committed to more than just food. We couldn’t be more excited and proud of the impact they are having. It’s just a matter of time before you start seeing stores popping up all over the map.

"When I feel healthy, I feel happy. THat's the happiest i ever am."



There's nothing we'd rather do than use our talents and abilities to lift up our friends in the community who are doing absolutely awesome stuff. It's not just the food – it's the events, the community, the gathering places. Happy + Hale has become a hub for people. When you're hungry, want to feel good and be happy, run into some friends, or meet some new ones, it's the place to go. Obviously having some of the cleanest healthiest and TASTIEST food around doesn't hurt. For this video our plan was simple – let the people who enjoy Happy + Hale spread the word. We just connected with different customers and heard their stories, showed their lives, passions, and work, and let the truth do the talking. Good food is a core part of them doing what they do. We just went from place to place in a super run 'n gun sort of way and didn't cut for a couple days. Came back and put it all into the blender and tried to create the kind of video that represented the place we'd come to know and love. Nothin' crazy!